Upgrading to Red Hat Linux 9!!!

Ini adalah cara update dengan menggunakan Yum.

download dan install yum untuk rh9

rpm -Uvh http://linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/download/2.0/yum-2.0.4-1.noarch.rpm

setelah itu install pula redhat-release

rpm -Uvh ftp://fr.rpmfind.net/linux/redhat/9/en/os/i386/RedHat/RPMS/redhat-release-9-3.i386.rpm

untuk perintah lebih lanjutnya bisa ketik begini

[root@dj-avu root]# yum –help

Usage:  yum [options] <update | upgrade | install | info | remove | list |
clean | provides | search | check-update | groupinstall | groupupdate |
grouplist >

-c [config file] – specify the config file to use
-e [error level] – set the error logging level
-d [debug level] – set the debugging level
-y answer yes to all questions
-t be tolerant about errors in package commands
-R [time in minutes] – set the max amount of time to randomly run in.
-C run from cache only – do not update the cache
–installroot=[path] – set the install root (default ‘/’)
–version – output the version of yum
-h, –help this screen

[root@dj-avu root]#

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