Ardantus Onlineardan
Male, 23, Single
Interested in Meeting People for: Relationship Women, Friends, Activity Partners
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Location: Indonesia
Hometown: ßåñdµñg

ardan’s URL
Schools (Other):
Tk Putra Harapan Bangsa, Sd Bintaran 2, SMKN 2 PIYUNGAN, STM PIRI 1 Yogyakarta, University Of Oxford Canada

IT Consultant, Programer, Owner

CV.Ardantus Groups


Hobbies and Interests:
Climbing, Mountenering, Dyfing, Clubing diKamar, Surfing, Clubing

Favorite Books:
Menjadi Interpreuner success, Secure administrator, Privacy

Favorite Movies:
Sword Fish. anti trust, Hacker

Favorite Music:
House Music, R&B, RoCk, Langgam Jawir, Techno

Favorite TV Shows:
News, adventure, Discovery Chanel,

About Me:
nothing impossible I mean, before I do it and try it

Who I Want to Meet:
True Friends around the world, My wife who lost,

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